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Filing a Claim

Questions and Answers Related to Filing a Claim

How long is too long to wait before making a claim for compensation?
For each type of incident, there's a statute of limitations after which no lawsuit can be filed in court and all rights to compensation are lost. The insurance companies know this and usually will pay no claims if a lawsuit was not filed in court before the statute of limitations has passed. Time periods for injuries to minors can be longer, unless it involves instances of medical malpractice, which involve complicated statute of limitations periods. All in all, when a statute of limitations will pass is often a critical and complicated area of knowledge, and it is crucially important that you contact a lawyer immediately to find out the correct date. In most instances the court need not be involved in order for us to successfully resolve a claim, but if your claim falls into the small percentage of cases which must be filed in court, it is critical that it be filed on time. It's always best to get started early in order to protect your rights and prove your claim successfully.
Can I still work even if I make a claim?
Yes, if you're medically able. You can get full and fair compensation without being out of work. In fact, it's often better for you to maintain good relations with your employer, maintain your seniority and earn your wages or salary. How and when you will return to work is a matter best left to you and your doctors.
How long will it take to see a case through?
It varies. We won't conclude a case quickly just to earn our fee. We wait until we have a final picture of the extent and impact of all injuries, physical, emotional and financial. If someone is still in pain and undergoing treatment nine months later, how can we accurately put a value on their pain and suffering today? In the average automobile collision case, once a client has recovered from his or her injuries, a case can take several months to resolve. We advise you to get the best medical treatment available and then go about the business of recovering your health and returning to your life. Meanwhile, we will do our work and get you as much as we are able to fairly and completely compensate you, as soon as we can. We have found our clients are much happier when their focus is on resuming normal life rather than worrying about claims and compensation. We will resolve claims as soon as practical, but we do not believe in rushing a client just to give the appearance of a quick resolution.

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