Injuries to Children

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Injuries to Children
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These are among the most heart-breaking incidents we come across as personal injury lawyers. Yet it is our outrage at the damage that can be caused to innocent young lives that motivates us to battle hard for compensation.

Case Summaries

Mediated settlement reached for injured child

Our client was the child of a low-income mother who arranged for him to go to a summer camp. The child came home early after suffering a badly broken arm. We quickly discovered that the camp was staffed by poorly trained counselors who organized ridiculously dangerous activities for the campers, including leaping into an old sand pit and rolling down to the bottom. We visited the site and it was obvious that the grade was dangerously steep for such an activity: a fact we established with a civil engineer who took accurate measurements of the incline. We received substantial compensation for our client’s future through a mediated settlement and helped ensure that future children would not be exposed to such unnecessary risks.

Winter sledding accident case successfully settled

Our client was a child injured when the toboggan he, his brother and sister were riding in was struck by a truck with a snow plow on its front. The defense claimed the accident was the fault of the children and that the driver could not be expected to know there might be children sledding in this area of the neighborhood. We discovered through investigation that the truck driver had grown up in the same neighborhood and had actually sleighed down the same hill as a child, proving that he should have expected there to be children in the vicinity. The case settled for substantial compensation which was invested and protected for the minor children’s futures.