Slips, Trips & Falls

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Slips, Trips & Falls
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Injuries from slips, trips, and falls may well be the result of defective or poorly maintained premises both inside and outside a building. We have a long list of successful cases involving falls of every imaginable kind.

Case Summaries

Investigation helps win case in fall downstairs

Our client broke her leg after falling downstairs at an apartment building in a large complex. Our investigation discovered that the rubber tread on the stairs had not been properly glued down and popped off when she stepped down on it causing her fall. We immediately inspected the apartment building with a professional photographer and got photographs of other defective stairs with unsafe treads in this and other buildings in the complex. We hired a professional contractor who explained the proper method of gluing down the rubber treads so they wouldn’t come loose and pop off over time. This helped us prove the defendant landlord in the case created the problem and should have known about it but did nothing to correct it. Our strategy also helped disprove the landlord’s unfair claim our client was careless and a known substance abuser who caused her own fall. Our client’s case successfully settled for a substantial amount, compensating her for the serious injury she needlessly endured and proving she was in the right.

Client injured on poorly maintained stairs, wins case

Our client fell and injured himself badly when coming down a wooden exterior staircase. Typically, such a case will be defended by trying to place the blame for the fall on carelessness, but when we went to examine the staircase we found that the wood had not been well maintained and was badly deteriorated, and that cracks and splits in the stairs were evident. Our client was successful.