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Why do you need an experienced Massachusetts slip and fall lawyer?

If you are involved in slip and fall accident, you may feel overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do. Before you make any decisions, contact a Massachusetts slip and fall attorney. A personal injury attorney will help you protect your decisions, your rights and find the best way forward after a slip and fall.

An experienced team of slip and fall lawyers can take on the burdens that confront victims of slip and fall incidents. For example, a lawyer can help you navigate complicated insurance claims. Without an expert lawyer on your side, your claim could be denied or reduced for any number of reasons. Having a slip and fall lawyer represent you means that it’s much more difficult for an insurance company to treat you unfairly.

Why should you hire Ballin & Associates, LLC?

Our team of experienced Massachusetts slip and fall lawyers can help you secure the compensation you deserve if a careless or negligent landowner caused your injury. We have employed the services of architects, engineers, medical experts and others we find helpful to our mission.



Since 1981 99% of our injured clients have had successful outcomes. How did we do this? By treating our clients like they were our own family. We promise to devote our skill, drive and experience to every client with the compassion they deserve.

What will this cost you?

If our law firm accepts your case, you will pay nothing unless and until we collect compensation for you. Our fee will be a percentage of the amount that we collect on your behalf. We always have a signed written agreement with every client so you know exactly how our fee will be determined right from the start.

Types of Slip and Falls Incident We Handle

Here is a list of the common locations where slip and fall injuries to our clients have occurred:

      • Shopping malls
      • Supermarkets
      • Big box stores like WalMart and Target
      • Gas stations and convenience stores
      • Apartment buildings
      • Single family homes
      • Hotels and motels
      • Movie theaters
      • Office buildings
      • Parking lots and parking garages
      • Sidewalks

Slip and falls can be caused by a number of factors, such as:

      • Improper property maintenance
      • Failure to remove or treat snow and ice
      • Failure to maintain gutters and downspouts

What types of injuries do we handle?

Our slip and fall attorneys handle cases involving all type of injuries, from very serious or even fatal injuries, to relatively minor injuries. Most slip and fall accidents result in so-called "soft tissue" injuries, such as sprained and strained necks, backs, shoulders and knees. We know these injuries are just as painful as a fracture and usually take a lot longer to recover from. We take the time to learn how these injuries affect our clients and then demand our clients be compensated fully and fairly for all they have gone through. The following are common injuries we see in our cases:

      • Shoulder injuries, such as a torn rotator cuff
      • Concussions
      • Broken hips, particularly among the elderly
      • Broken legs and ankles
      • Ruptured or herniated discs in the spine
      • Neck injuries
      • Lower back injuries

What kinds of compensation can we recover for you?

Our law firm has helped our clients recover the compensation they deserve for the following losses:

      • Medical bills
      • Loss of income, including loss of overtime pay
      • Other 0ut of pocket expenses, like the cost of renting a car while yours is repaired
      • Pain and suffering
      • Physical disability
      • Permanent scars
      • Emotional distress
      • Mental anguish
      • Loss of enjoyment of life
      • Loss of love and affection
      • Embarrassment and humiliation
      • Mental disability
      • Damage to your vehicle

We have represented person injured in slip and falls all over Massachusetts.

Our slip and fall lawyers have handled cases involving slip and falls from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, and every place in between.

What to do after a slip and fall:

Being injured in a slip and fall is a frightening and confusing experience. Your body may be flooded with a surge of adrenaline during and immediately after a slip and fall, which can make it difficult to fully understand what happened. You might make irrational decisions or statements that could affect your legal rights.

To prevent this, here are some things you should do if you are ever involved in a slip and fall.

Assess your medical condition. If there is any question in your mind as to whether you should get medical attention, you probably should, so call 911 immediately. If you feel OK on the day of the fall, but worse the following day, seek medical attention then.

Carefully document relevant details. If you are able, take photographs of the location where you fell, and any condition of the property that made you fall – like snow, ice, potholes, or other defects in the condition of the property.

Report your fall and your injuries to the management of the location where you fell. However, do not discuss the details of how or why you fell.

Contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. Many, many locations where falls occur now have security cameras. If you contact a lawyer quickly, we can immediately write to the property owner to require them to save any security camera videos before they video gets lost or recorded over.

What is the deadline for filing a lawsuit relating to a slip and fall?

All lawsuits for injuries caused by slip and falls must be filed in court within three years of the date of the crash. However, it is always best to get an experienced slip and fall lawyer involved in your case as soon as possible after a slip and fall. Important evidence can be lost if an investigation of the accident is delayed.

What if the fall was partially my fault?

Sometimes people blame themselves for their fall. These feelings are perfectly natural and understandable, but you can still recover from a careless or negligent property owner if some condition of the property caused you to fall. An injured person may recover as long as he or she is not found to be more at fault than the other persons who caused the injury. In other words, if the injured person and another person are equally at fault, the injured person can still recover, but their recovery is reduced by their own percentage of fault. So, if a jury decides the injured person was 25% at fault, that person’s recovery is reduced by 25%. If the jury decides that the injured person was 51% or more at fault, he or she recovers nothing. For additional information on how courts compare the fault of persons involved in slip and falls, see blog post on that topic here.

Massachusetts Slip & Fall Attorney

If you have been involved in a slip and fall, please contact our personal injury attorney immediately at 508-543-3700. Time is very important with slip and fall cases