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Despite the advances of modern medicine, the brain is still a mystery. Brain injuries are one of the most difficult injuries to diagnose and treat, even though the effects of a brain injury can be devastating. Imaging techniques such as x-rays and MRIs can see only so much of the damage to a brain from trauma, and a great deal of damage is so microscopic it cannot be imaged with x-rays and conventional MRI’s. As a result, concussions and other closed-head injuries often result in apparently normal x-rays and MRIs. That makes it easy for insurance companies and defense lawyers to contend that there is no proof of permanent damage. They may also try to attribute symptoms to other causes such as behavioral problems, family issues, drug abuse, personality defects, and so on.

Persons with a brain injury often look fine to coworkers and friends, but their cognitive abilities can still be significantly impaired. These impairments can include an inability to remember simple things in the short term, to concentrate and pay attention, to do math, find words in conversation, and to figure things out as they used to before they were injured. Some suffer from headaches, dizziness and a sensitivity to bright light. We prove these impairments using sophisticated testing techniques, which include neuropsychological testing by experts who understand how to detect and measure these impairments. You can read about a case we handled involving a serious brain injury here.

Brain injuries are often referred to by other terms such as closed head injury, post concussive syndrome, mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), diffuse axonal shearing, and concussion. Persons who suffer these injuries often suffer from secondary injuries such as depression. Another problem for those suffering from closed head injury or brain injury is they do not want to see colleagues, friends and family. They often become isolated and embarrassed about their condition. They can become further injured by the perception of others who feel they appear fine, despite the real microscopic damage to the nerve fibers throughout their brain.

Why do you need an experienced Massachusetts brain injury lawyer?

Persons with a brain injury are particularly vulnerable after the injury. The cognitive problems may make them feel even more overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do, than people with other types of injuries. A personal injury attorney will help you protect your decisions, your rights and find the best way forward after a brain injury.

An experienced team of brain injury lawyers can take on the burdens that confront victims of serious brain injuries. For example, a lawyer can help you navigate complicated insurance claims. Without an expert lawyer on your side, your claim could be denied or reduced for any number of reasons. Having an experienced brain injury lawyer represent you means that it’s much more difficult for an insurance company to treat you unfairly.

Why should you hire Ballin & Associates, LLC?

Our team of experienced Massachusetts brain injury lawyers can help you secure the compensation you deserve if a careless or negligent person or caused your injury. We have employed the services of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists and other medical experts and others we find helpful to our mission.

Since 1981 99% of our injured clients have had successful outcomes. How did we do this? By treating our clients like they were our own family. We promise to devote our skill, drive and experience to every client with the compassion they deserve.

What will this cost you?

If our law firm accepts your case, you will pay nothing unless and until we collect compensation for you. Our fee will be a percentage of the amount that we collect on your behalf. We always have a signed written agreement with every client so you know exactly how our fee will be determined right from the start.

Brain Injuries In Massachusetts

Types of Brain Injury Cases We Handle

Virtually any kind of accident can result in a brain injury. Some of the most common causes of brain injury cases our personal injury law firm has handled include the following:

      • Car accidents
      • Motorcycle accidents
      • Pedestrian accidents
      • Bicycle accidents
      • Truck accidents
      • Slips and falls
      • Construction site and other workplace injuries
      • Spectator at hockey game
      • Golfing accident
      • Falls on ice
      • Assaults
      • Drunk drivers

What kinds of compensation can we recover for you?

Our law firm has helped our clients recover the compensation they deserve for the following losses:

      • Medical bills
      • Loss of income, including loss of overtime pay
      • Other out of pocket expenses
      • Pain and suffering
      • Physical disability
      • Permanent scars
      • Emotional distress
      • Mental anguish
      • Loss of love and affection
      • Loss of enjoyment of life
      • Embarrassment and humiliation
      • Mental disability

We have represented persons suffering from brain injuries all over Massachusetts.

Our brain injury lawyers have handled cases involving accidents of all kinds, from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, and every place in between.

What to do after a concussion or other brain injury:

A person who suffers a brain injury is particularly vulnerable. Being involved in any kind of accident is hard enough and dealing with a brain injury makes it even harder to understand what happened. You might make irrational decisions or statements that could affect your legal rights. To prevent this, here are some things you should do if you suspect you may have had a concussion or other type of brain injury:

Assess your medical condition. Signs that you may have suffered a brain injury include:

      • Any loss of consciousness, even for a short time
      • Concussions
      • Inability to recall details about the accident
      • Amnesia of events before and after the accident
      • Difficulty in concentrating and paying attention
      • Unsteady after standing up
      • Dizziness
      • Ringing in the ears
      • Headaches
      • Ringing in the ears
      • Hearing issues when there is background noise
      • Increased sensitivity to bright lights or loud noises
      • Depression
      • Confusion
      • Feeling cloudy
      • Repeating yourself in conversations
      • Forgetting what you were going to do
      • Inability to multi-task
      • Sleep disburbance
      • Mood swings and other behavioral changes

If there is any question in your mind as to whether you should get medical attention, you probably should, so call 911 or go to your local emergency room immediately. If you feel OK on the day of the crash, but worse the following day, seek medical attention then.

What is the deadline for filing a lawsuit relating to a brain injury?

All lawsuits for brain injuries caused by most types of accidents must be filed in court within three years of the date of the accident. However, it is always best to get an experienced brain injury lawyer involved in your case as soon as possible after any accident that results in a brain injury. Sometimes important evidence can be lost if an investigation of the accident is delayed.

What if the accident was partially my fault?

An injured person may recover as long as he or she is not found to be more at fault than the other persons who caused the injury. In other words, if the injured person and another person are equally at fault, the injured person can still recover, but their recovery is reduced by their own percentage of fault. So, if a jury decides the injured person was 25% at fault, that person’s recovery is reduced by 25%. If the jury decides that the injured person was 51% or more at fault, he or she recovers nothing. For additional information on how courts compare the fault of persons involved in various kinds of accidents, see our blog post on that topic here.

Massachusetts Brain Injury Lawyers

If you feel you have a head injury or brain injury please contact our personal injury attorney immediately at 508-543-3700. Time is very important with head injury cases