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Ballin & Associates is dedicated to fighting for those who have suffered a loss.

The work we do for our clients not only provides justice for their harms and losses, but it also makes our communities safer for everyone by serving as a deterrent to bad behavior which endangers us all. Our clients played by the rules and were hurt because persons or companies violated safety rules which protect all of us. When these people and companies are held accountable for choosing to violate safety rules, it makes us all safer.

In any major loss, whether of a loved one, of one's health, or of one's ability to earn a living, many people are affected. Careless and reckless behavior can impact many innocent lives, and often a victim's family, friends and dependents also suffer blamelessly.

Life is difficult enough with what it costs to live, the hours we work and the daily problems that challenge us. When that life is further burdened by a painful and disabling injury, an inability to work or the loss of a loved one because of someone else's careless or reckless behavior, our sense of fair play kicks in, and we desire and deserve justice. Justice can make us closer to whole, closer to the way things were. Our legal system is designed to deliver justice for such wrongs in a financial way. Of course, no amount of money can make the pain go away, bring back loved ones or restore us fully to our prior condition and lives. However, full and fair compensation leaves us feeling there has been justice and that the wrongful actor has been made to answer. The money also provides a level of comfort that helps to ease the pain and redress the wrong.

We at Ballin & Associates understand how far-reaching and life-changing loss can be for you and those you love, and we are committed to achieving justice for those who have suffered unfairly.

We have deep experience in these matters, and with our combination of unparalleled legal strengths and a truly innovative approach, we can bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion. Each day we navigate through a legal system often stacked against common folks so our clients come out with the justice they deserve.

First we listen to and understand each client's unique situation. Then we implement a strategy and position our client for a successful resolution of their claim. Returning our clients as close as possible to the life they knew, with a financial cushion to make life a little bit easier, is the justice we seek.

Areas of Law Practice

We specialize in all areas of Massachusetts personal injury law, fighting for your rights to get the compensation you deserve, whether you have been in a car accident or have suffered a traumatic brain injury.