FAQ Types of Accidents & Injuries

Types of Accidents & Injuries

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What types of incidents and injuries can I collect compensation for?
They're almost unlimited. We've successfully handled many different types of cases, many of which other lawyers would never attempt to take on or have already turned down. Many injuries aren't as obvious as a broken bone or as dramatic as a death. For instance, more than 90 percent of automobile collision cases result not in fractures or visible damage to the body, but in painful and disabling connective tissue injuries. Then there are emotional injuries. Some accidents are so frightening that a person can't get back into a car. Someone badly burned by a defective tanning bed might have a long-lasting emotional fear of contracting skin cancer.
You may wish to browse through our case studies to get an idea of the kinds of injuries we have won compensation for in the past. Since the different ways one can be injured are almost infinite, we strongly suggest that you call us to discuss your situation.

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